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About Kevin Trudeau
Kevin Trudeau (KT) is one of the leading consumer advocates in this country. His mission is to expose the greed and corruption throughout corporate America and to inform hard-working citizens about the hypocrisy in politics.

KT is a fearless whistleblower and is commonly referred to as the voice of the people. His motivation and driving beliefs are founded on the notion that information is power, and that the power belongs to the people, rather than the corporate elite and the Feds in Washington. His groundbreaking book "Debt Cures" has sold millions of copies and has spent several weeks on the New York Times best seller list, however recent changes in the law brought on the need for the updated Debt Cures 2014 edition. Consumers can now take advantage of new strategies and techniques to become and remain debt-free for life. When he began his career over twenty years ago, he did not set out to expose corporate and government abuse, but when he discovered it, he knew he had to reveal what he had learned. To date, Kevin's books have sold over 30 million copies worldwide and every day he hears from readers who have been helped by his works.
More Debt Secrets and
Wealth Building Tips!
$120 Value - You get it all!